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How do you keep fulfilling your purpose when all you want do is quit? Step back and remember why you you’re here. It’s okay to need a break. But you deserve better than to give up.

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Persevere: Keep doing good when you don’t feel like you can anymore.

You do so much better at doing good when you feel good. When your purpose feels synced with your daily rhythms. When doing what’s right feels like a privilege and joy.

But your purpose does not always bring you joy. And sometimes, your life circumstances do not feel conducive to doing good. You’re tired. You’re upset. And you’re discouraged.

Remember: fulfilling your purpose is your life-long journey. Sometimes you will need to stop and take breaks. Sometimes you will feel like you’ve been in the same part of the desert for 40 years. Sometimes you will have to accept that you don’t want to do good today and you’re going to have to anyway. And that‘s okay.

Examine your life, your priorities. Which people and which tasks are the most important parts of fulfilling your purpose? Are there good things that you are doing that are not totally necessary? That may not be your purpose, but somebody else’s? After you have done a thorough, honest, and humble search, cling to what’s left. Remember that this is why you’re doing good in these areas.

You make that list, those choices, so that even when you don’t feel like it, you know you can keep doing good. Your purpose, your fulfillment is too important to let go: for yourself or for anyone else.

Verse for Meditation:  And let us not be weary of doing good, for in due season we will reap, if we do not give up. Galatians 6:9, ESV

Breathing affirmation exercise (While taking slow, deep breaths, say the following phrase to yourself)Today I will persist, because I love myself enough to keep going.

**IMPORTANT: There are only THREE prints available in the 11″x14″ size and once they are sold out, I will not be printing more**


One “Persevere” print in the size you selected, individually signed by me (because, ya know, I’m the artist).

Printed on archival quality matte paper, this print will always stay as vibrant as the day you receive it (it won’t fade or yellow).  And “matte” just means you don’t have to worry about fingerprint marks OR dust (hallelujah)!

You will also receive a small printed handout of the above essay, verse for meditation, and breathing affirmation.

If you would like a digital copy of this handout, click here.


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